About Pure Source Publishing

Pure Source Publishing is a company that analyzes data collected on the nutrient content of foods, and their associations with the types of human disease that does not involve infections, in other words, dietary induced diseases.

The data information in the following chapters is sorted in declining order for the purpose of identifying similar foods, which may be higher or lower in nutrients compared to the foods you are currently eating.

It allows a rough estimate of how well your current nutrient intake is tracking with the daily amounts recommended by the Institute of Medicine. And by doing so, may help in identifying dietary patterns which could lead to potentially nutrient deficient, or toxic levels in the future, or that may currently exist.

Because it is regularly updated with research, food testing, and nutrient contents, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Nutrient Database is the primary data source used in America. The nutrient content of all foods is given as the mean nutritional value for a given common house hold food portion, and is based on the edible portion.

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