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Prostate Cancer

Learn how to reduce the risk of prostate cancer by changing your diet.

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Breast Cancer

Learn how to reduce the risk of breast cancer by changing your diet.

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Sudden Cardiac Death

Reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death with magnesium intake.

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Bone Disease

Control hormones that regulate bone disease with diet.

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Manage diabetes by controlling intake of carbohydrates & sugar.

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Control high blood pressure by reducing sodium intake.

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Kidney Disease

Reduce the risk of kidney disease by managing phosphorus intake.

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Who is the Pure Source Publishing Book & App intended for?

Doctors, nurses, personal trainers, body builders, mothers concerned with their children’s diet, people with Bone disease, Kidney disease, Hypertension, Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease – as well as those who wish to avoid these diseases in the future.


Pure Source Publishing is a company that specializes in analyzing data collected on the nutrient content of food, and its associations with human diseases.

The data information in the following chapters is sorted in declining order for the purpose of identifying similar foods, which may be higher or lower in nutrients compared to the foods you are currently eating.

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